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Zaktualizowano: 7 wrz 2018

Concatenation is Nicolas Wagner’s second exhibition. In twenty years of photography, this is by far his most personal and successful work. In this new chapter, Nicolas he goes beyond linear logic and ventures into the juxtaposition of meetings, places, dialogues. He has spent five years travelling from one country to another capturing moments that invent a kind of intimate conversation, where signs and representations take on a new meaning.


The idea of the exhibit began to take shape after a trip to Japan. A series of photographic prints were spread on a carpet. Together, they began this process of nonlinear, achronological dialogue, read in one direction and the other, with its own grammar. A visual work slowly emerged, according to the literary concept of concatenation, which designates an ordering of discursive elements. Once put end to end, ideas emerge and invent new ones through shapes and colours, places and situations, models and their staging.

Concatenation accumulates encounters and experiences to create a thought process. Reading levels increase, a language takes shape. It is the photographer's work that is questioned, as well as the meaning of the images themselves. It is a work that the photographer began two years ago with Sun City, his first exhibition.

Nicolas lives and works in Paris. It was in New York, however, that he learned photography and practiced it for nearly twenty years. Studying at Parsons School and with a background in graphic design, he quickly turned to the immediacy of fashion photography to exercise his eye and, in passing, meet some of his idols. But his vision goes much further in his recent work: it is an entanglement of thoughts in which he exists, powerfully, on his own.

Exhibition from 6 to 8 September Vernissage on September 5, at 7pm Soon to Paris, Amsterdam, New York...

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